The Company

Dance AlchemyDance Alchemy is three things:

• A local dance company, based in Baltimore County, MD

Home of the Dance4Peace Projects, uniting dancers around the world in collaborative dance movies

• A global dance alliance of dancers and choreographers focused on spreading peace through dance.

Dance Alchemy’s original choreography is designed to engage heart, mind, and soul. Works include celebration dances, harvest dances, dances of forgiveness & reconciliation, dances of healing, of letting go, and many more. These pieces are flexible, designed for performance in churches, community centers, outdoors, as well as online. We integrate dances from around the world into a spiritually uplifting global repertoirere reflecting our loving intent for peace around the world.

As a cross-cultural bridge, Dance Alchemy combines peace work with dance, sharing dances across cultures as we teach dance to each other and bring people together. Words so often get in the way of unification. We take our thoughts of peace, love and unity out of our heads and into movement, changing consciousness through dance.

Dancers of all different styles, abilities, levels, body types, and ages are welcome..

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