What’s Next?

2021 – Dance4Peace: Together

We Are One Global Family

How do we dance together in a pandemic?

In 2020, we all found ourselves suddenly separated by the global spread of COVID-19. Everything changed, as we all struggled to find our New Normal.

We danced anyway! Not in person, but in our homes and local areas, creating a series of movies which will be released on our YouTube channel in March 2021. Through the magic of editing, we were able to create “togetherness” while still staying safe.

This year, we’re doing something similar, but expanding the concept to include the World.

In March 2021, we will have an online Zoom gathering, to unveil the movies from 2020, and put out the call for participants in our 2021 project, Dance4Peace: Together.

We’ll be sending out invitations in email. If you would like to make sure you get one, please go to our contact page and write to tell us.