What’s Next?

2020: New Year, New Ideas

So what’s going to happen next?

We’re going to do something radical… and fantastically healthy.

Taking a page from the best farming and gardening practices, we’re letting the ‘fields’ lie fallow. Instead of our regular cycle of rehearsing and performing, we will pull back into the greenhouse, so to speak. There, like the Alchemists we are, new dances and choreography will be developed – by all of us!

We’re calling this next phase of our global peace work, “Dance4Peace: Me.”

Working together in small groups we’re calling “dance labs,” we’ll be bringing forth new movements – creating, testing, revising, and reviewing throughout the year.
We all have dance inside us, and this will be the year to bring it out! This is the year we celebrate each of us, all of us, as
 individuals, as dancers, as
 creators of