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Peru Trip Info

Dance Alchemy went to Peru in March of 2018!

From the Andes to the Pacific Ocean, from Machu Picchu to Paracas,
We Came, We Saw, We Danced!

Now we are sorting through thousands of images and miles of movie footage, as we work to create a video of our trip.

Peru has a rich, and widely diverse dance culture — from the Andes to Lima to the beaches of Paracas, dance is everywhere, and we were immersed in it!
For five years, Dance Alchemy has made collaborative movies with hundreds of people. Now, for the first time, we went on the road to dance with dancers and dance groups from another country, all along the way capturing footage for a beautiful movie as we danced together for peace.

This was not your typical tourist trip! We directly participated in dance and got right into the local culture — returning with memories to last a lifetime!

We’re so excited that we made this, our first international trip, as a company! Stay tuned for the film that will be released later in Spring/early Summer, documenting the trip and showing you all the wonderful dancers we met and danced with.